January 2, 2011

.2010 Adieu, 2011 Hello How Do You Do?

In 2010...

I quit my job as a receptionist to move forward in my career as a full-time intern.  We got my father-in-law one of the coolest cakes ever.  I discovered Sips N Strokes and fell in love.  We visited Birmingham for the first time ever visiting our friends Blair and Lee where we experienced the culture. 

We celebrated several birthdays and game nights with wonderful friends.  I freaked out about getting to go to a Post Secret event.  It snowed.  I stressed about finishing my masters.  I marked something off my bucket list as we spent an evening in Atlanta for Valentine's Day and I got to experience Cirque du Soleil.  We celebrated six years together.  My mom came to visit the little old South. 

We spent lazy afternoons in the park with the pups.  Our god daughter turned 2. G and I made our first homemade pizzas and were hooked.  We went to Daytona to visit G's brother and celebrate G's 24th birthday.  We acquired ANOTHER dog. My dad came to visit on official business and we went to the National Infantry Museum.

My brother turned 18 and we had a blast in Atlanta. We discovered Joshua James and my love for him.  Virginia and I graduated and we made the insane decision to continue on to doctoral school, because we apparently love school THAT much.  I got a big girl job as a therapist. 

G built a deck. We spent the summer at the river.  We had grill outs and girl nights.  I turned 24. 
My brother graduated.  My little sister grew up before my eyes. 

We went to Vermont.  I reunited with my best friends in Seattle.  We went to five weddings this season (here, here, here, here, and here). I tried a ton of recipes (here, here, here, here, and here).  We went to outdoor markets.  We celebrated our two year wedding anniversary. I started my doctoral program. I went to bachelorette nights, baby and wedding showers.  I met one of my heroes. We watched Auburn have a winning football season.  I shared my tentative bucket list

Adorable Lily was born.  We went on pizza dates. We made a gingerbread house and G hated it the whole time.  Nikki moved awayI ranted. We had fun in Florida.  We had Thanksgiving with G's parents.  I got burned out by school. We had early Christmas with my mom.  I got to fulfill a fantasy.  We made Christmas cookies.  Kate turned two.  We went to DC for Christmas with my family.  We toured DC. We missed our puppies.

Here's to a year of laughter, love, and lessons learned that overshadowed the tears and heartache.  Two thousand and eleven, you are warmly welcomed because you already have amazing things in the works.

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ddforliberty said...

You have an amazing talent Jessica. I hope you and G have as much fun in 2011 as you did this past year.
Good luck with school.
Happy New Year