January 31, 2011

.The Lanes.

Saturday night we reunited with friends at the bowling alley.  Luckily G had begun to regain his strength from his rough week and was up for socializing.  I myself went solely for the social hour(s) as I'm much too easily distracted to actually bowl.  The thing I love about my friends is that... as chaotic as life becomes for us... when we're finally together we revert back and pick up right where we left off.  This usually involves a lot of giggling, debating and discussing, and hilarious quips.


On an exhilarating note, we find out the sex of baby Tyler on Tuesday!  When we first found out, we were convinced we would leave the sex a surprise until baby's arrival.  I generally despise surprises (spontaneity is not a strength of mine) but it seemed something worth waiting for.  The more I thought about this logic though, the more overwhelmed I got thinking about everything that would have to wait until the baby came.  So alas, we will know as of a few days although G is utterly convinced that it's a boy.  Make your predictions now because your guess is as good as mine!

*20 1/2 weeks