March 5, 2011

.Glamour Girls.

It's strange to think a week ago I had flown into Seattle and was celebrating Tiffany's bachelorette evening.  It felt so good to meet again with girls who were such a big part of  me growing into the lady I am today.  There's just a bond with some college friends that graduation doesn't take away, even after separation. 

For Tiff's night we had a lingerie shower where we munched on hors d'oeuvres, decorated funny underwear and created couture wedding dresses out of toilet paper.  Unfortunately, very early in the night I felt all out of sorts due to the time difference and by slumber party time I was delirious from staying up for 23 hours straight

None of it mattered though because the gaggle of girls present guaranteed my beautiful blonde friend a night full of female fun in her sparkly shoes.

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