July 28, 2010

.Epic Emerald Escape.

I went... I saw... I conquered?

I went to Kirkland & Bellevue... I saw Seattle... I did not conquer Lake Washington.

My college girl's trip was amazing, incredible, unforgettable, hilarious, sentimental, legendary, relaxing, fun, and 1,000 other adjectives my brain can't come up with at the moment. Tiffany & Lauren did an amazing job organizing our visit and the itinerary to include a little bit of everything on our short stay. The weather was unbelievable and after speaking to several locals, it was apparently very rare as well. Because of the beautiful weather we were able to eat almost all our meals outside on decks and have an all-day boat ride on Lake Washington the day I left. I even thought it'd be fun to get super ill on the boat and only get to enjoy the pretty view with one eye as I tried not to throw up (cool huh?).

All in all we accomplished our goal of taking a few days from adult life and getting to appreciate friendship, fun and memories aside from work and school.

mt. rainier

space needle

roomie love

lake washington

Side note- I don't know how people who work bi-coastal do it. I am so jet-lagged I was almost completely a waste of space for two days and there is still residual exhaustion and time/place confusion as I write this. I had no business being at work yesterday straight from my red-eye. None... But grown up obligations had to resume...

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olivia rae said...

I have always wanted to go to Seattle! Looks like you had beautiful weather... I don't think I've ever seen sunny photos of it! xox