July 16, 2010

.Still Life.

While doing research for work online, I stumbled upon free sketching classes offered by our local museum. Focusing on the "free" aspect I recruited my friend Emily (who first introduced me to the artistic side I never knew I had) to come with. We arrived with our new sketchbook and pencils in hand ready to learn sketching technique, when to our surprise we learned that "Drawing from the Collection" meant just that. We were told to find a piece of art in the gallery... and just sketch it. Sure we had a guide there to make sure we didn't hurt ourselves, but the advertisement "sketch class" was a tad misleading... it was more of a sketch opportunity. We chose three different pieces hoping one would result in something we could show off to our significant others. Of course the abstract piece turned out to be the only one that even remotely resembled its original.  Mrs. Caleb Newhold's son Thomas looked like a little girl who was also a steroid-pumping human pretzel when I was done with him. It was a fun challenge, but I think I'm permanently trading in the pencil for a paintbrush.

Coffee and Tea Service: 1865, 1823, 1822

Painting: Mrs. Caleb Newhold and her son Thomas, 1813
Square Piano, 1831

Still Life: Lee Krasner, 1939

My version

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