August 29, 2011

.Roman Holiday.

The last few days while we were waiting for baby to get here and trying to move the process forward, we put some time aside to relax and catch up on movies.  My mom and I watched Roman Holiday the night before Dylan came and although it was made in the 50's, there were still parts that I craved.  Long structured skirts, moped rides through the city, rooftop conversations, giant headboards, and outdoor dancing and dinner parties are just the kind of things that would be perfect to end our warm season and bring in the welcomed fall.

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August 26, 2011

.Reality Check.

This week was a reality check for me about having it all.  Between work, school, and baby, it felt like I was working three jobs and wasting entirely too much time shuttling between them.  I missed my little family. I was stressed. I was exhausted.  This made me appreciate thoughtful acts from G throughout the week even more.  Coming home to a delicious meal inspired by Pinterest was just what the doctor ordered.  The weekend to recuperate from the week's events? An added treat.

Now if I can just get G to whip me up some of these... well I'd just be in food heaven.

{Lasagna cups here- Kiss pie here}

August 23, 2011

.Some Great (Weekend) Moments.

Sometimes you're aware when your great moments are happening...

.James Salter.

Speaking in the most sing-song voice and doing something ridiculous just to make baby girl laugh.  Being giddy that you actually caught it on your {i-phone} camera.  Taking a nap although you hate them just because the cuddling is worth it.  Eating pie until your stomach hurts.  Giving a name to something because you know it's going to be in your life for awhile.  Gagging and crying- laughing at a warm surprise from baby that takes two people to clean up.  A late afternoon walk that leaves you red, but satisfied.  Eating popsicles in bed while watching a great movie. Talking with the glow of tiki torches on your skin.  Finding inspiration together.  Whispers when the lights are out and everyone is asleep.  Waking up exhausted, squinting with one tired eye at your husband, and smiling because even still the late night was worth it. 

Important moments they were.

August 19, 2011

.Four Shots.

Yesterday baby girl had to have her two months check up which included four shots and a prick in her tiny toe.  Dylan's tears made me feel like I wanted to cry, but I was so proud of her for getting over the trauma quick enough to fall asleep in her carseat by the time we made it outside the pediatrician's office.  I always feel silly asking a million questions at our appointments, but unfortunately baby girl has been blessed with a neurotic mother.  This week was a rough adjustment now that I'm back at work and school, so I intend to soak up any free time I have and take it all week by week to avoid any breakdowns.  Taking care of myself, Dylan, and G's heart can be exhausting... but it also brings such joy.

My, how the weekends are always so welcome.

August 17, 2011

.2nd Year.

Today starts my second year of doctoral school and unfortunately, more time I have to be away from my little family.  I'm so grateful that G will be able to spend that precious time with baby girl that I won't.  I've been able to bask in this summer full of family, friends, and a break from work and school; luckily I only have a few classes left before it's time to devote my academic hours to writing my dissertation instead of sitting through lectures.  Hopefully before school gets too chaotic, we'll be able to have a few more weekends like we did this past: baby smiles, lazy afternoons in bed, summer dinners, book reading, tv night with friends, and our new favorite game.

August 16, 2011

.The Last of the Day's Sunshine.

I love eating outside.  Many times I wish we lived in a big city just to have the option to do it more often. Unfortunately where we live, eating outdoors is only pleasant a very short time of the year due to the excessive heat and humidity.  As this season slowly winds down though, the summer evenings are becoming more and more pleasant.  Last week we had dinner at our friend Kyle's, where we snuck Emily's amazing cookies while the food was cooking and listened to music outside.  While we all couldn't agree on what defined "good music" {there are people who don't like Mumford & Sons??}, it was a nice summer night nonetheless.

A midweek dinner with friends is a perfect way to break up a hectic and stressful week.

August 15, 2011

.Splish Splash.

Baby girl had her first real bath not too long ago.  She hated it at first and broke mama's heart with her pitiful, squinched up face.  After a minute though, when she realized that mama was not going to let her go, she relaxed and succumbed to the soothing warm water and suds. 

I love all these family firsts.  It's surprising how having a child can make the most seemingly mundane things extraordinary to witness.

August 12, 2011

.Finally Friday.

It's finally Friday, baby girl is now 8 weeks old, and I've survived my first week back at work!  I was thrown right into the fire, but it made the week fly by and now I have two days of freedom.  All I can say is thank goodness I love what I do.  Yesterday G was off, so it was his first full day alone with Dylan.  They got along famously and sweetly brought mama lunch; I didn't even get one panicked phone call from G all day.  I may have missed out on all the fun, but nothing makes me happier than seeing the two loves of my life bond

August 11, 2011

.Birthday Buelo.

Happy birthday to my dear dad.

The man I measured my crushes against.   The man that would warm my car in the early morning and leave behind a hot breakfast and a mug of hot chocolate.  The man who constantly challenges me.  The man who expected nothing less than straight A's and enforced a strict midnight curfew even as I went into college.  The man who never let me get away with anything.  The man who always told me I was beautiful.

Dylan is lucky to have you as her "buelo" because deep down, you're a softie at heart.  Promise I won't blow your cover though.

August 10, 2011


This weekend we had the last of our welcome-Dylan-into-the-world family visits.  Hosting usually stresses me out, but everyone was content just relaxing in between planning our meals and eat we did.  Whether it was Italian, Mexican, or Ranger burgers... we ate and we laughed... alot.  My little sister Katheryn is at such an interesting stage at two and a half where she soaks up her entire environment and learns something new in everything she hears and sees.  Funny that I aim to do that everyday at the age of twenty five

This weekend G and I also dedicated Dylan at church.  It was a beautiful moment officiated by the pastor who married us three years ago and surrounded by family.  Another favorite memory of my family's trip was a particular gift.  My aunt presented us a cd for Dylan filled with some favorite songs from Disney classics and a special track at the end: Over the Rainbow sung by my sweet cousin Araceli.  Dylan and I have now started a new practice after I pick her up from her Gigi and Poppy's; we sit together, listen to her present, and just play together after a long day of working as we wait for G to get home.  It's pretty much perfect.

August 8, 2011

.Just a Few.

Here are just a few quick shots from our family-filled weekend.  There are more to come, but as I returned to work today after seven wonderful weeks home with Dylan, all I want to do now is go cuddle up with baby girl & G and listen to the rain fall. 

August 5, 2011

.Growing Love.

Where you invest your love, you invest your life.
.Mumford & Sons.

I've been phoneless since Monday night when my phone took a spill.  While I thought not being able to receive calls would be anxiety-provoking, it's actually been nice to slightly disconnect for the last week I have with Dylan before returning back to work.  Side note on the benefits of technology- between Facetime on my Itouch and making calls through gmail {both free!}, I was able to contact the outside world when I had to... very convenient. 

I've had so much fun playing with her as she's started cooing and smiling purposively now and has recently discovered her mobile.  We've also found her current favorite game, "kick off the blanket" which consists of just that... throwing a blanket over her little legs and seeing how fast she can kick it off; she loves it so much she'll do it 100 times.  She is such a joy to us and now she's getting to win over more family as my dad and little sister are here for a visit! 

Hope you all have a great weekend, we're off to welcome in more family and start our weekend of fun before real life resumes on Monday.

August 3, 2011


We tried to celebrate our anniversary this weekend with bebe in Atlanta.  Dylan was wonderful, but it was a surprise to us how not baby-friendly many places were.  It was a learning experience on the new things we have to be aware of as parents that never once crossed our minds: where are the ramps for the stroller?  There are still restaurants that allow smoking inside? Given the location, bring the stroller or front carrier? What to do if a place has no available changing table in the restroom?  We made the best of it, had a good time, and rewarded ourselves with new mugs I had my eye on for quite some time, but decided we deserved an anniversary trip do-over.

On our actual anniversary we went out for sushi and had treats waiting at home for us.  I enjoyed commemorating three years having dessert & French soda and watching a documentary curled up together.  How far we've come since we were seventeen.

August 2, 2011

.3 Years.

On our third anniversary, I wanted to reminisce about the day G asked me to marry him...

December 8, 2007 will always be one of the most special days I hold, not only because it was the catalyst to the lovely life we now share, but because the devotion I felt from G that day was deep and true.  G carefully and thoughtfully planned out this perfect day for me, included my loved ones, and the romantic gesture was unlike anything I could have pictured for myself.  Any proposal from him would have been wonderful, but at the end of the evening I was most happy that I was marrying my best friend... and that I knew without an inkling of doubt that he knew and understood me.  It was evident from the entire proposal that G knew what would make me feel cherished, and three years later he continues to display these acts of love.

So G... thank you for making the decision, asking for my dad's blessing (that certainly wasn't easy),  scheming with my friends and family, taking me to breakfast when I was being such a brat that day, forcing me to walk to the beautiful courtyard, and getting down on one knee with the ring I will wear the rest of my life.  Thank you for taking me to the most grown-up dinner and having my outfit ready so I wouldn't have to be the least bit stressed.  Thank you for the words you said to me that day that I will always keep and remember when times get tough.  Thank you for being on my team.

Happy wedding anniversary to us.

* Best method of mass news notification via 2007.  It makes me laugh to think how excited I was to get to press that "confirm" button, because then it was official.