June 13, 2011

.Joie de Vivre.

cheerful enjoyment of life. an exultation of spirit. joy of everything: eating and conversation. a comprehensive joy involving one's whole being. a philosophy of life.

 This has described our attitude as of late.  Our goal is to enjoy everything, even the simplest of things because we have the time to right now.  As we are at a standstill just waiting on baby to arrive, we thought it'd be a good idea to create a list of things we can't do as easily with her here and make those our weekend plans.  There were a few activities we came up with, but we quickly realized that we were looking at our situation negatively.  She isn't going to stop us from being young and living; we're just going to have to compromise doing what we please all the time. 

So then that became our plan for the weekend: we were going to do whatever we wanted as it struck us... just because we could.  That included spontaneous naps, breakfast outings, reading for hours, a coffee date, window shopping, finding goods at the outdoor market, walks by the river, meals with friends and family, another Sunday matinee, and just relaxing together with the pups listening to beautiful music and reflecting.

Joie de vivre indeed.  I never want to lose it.


Morgan said...

Yeah!! Having a baby totally adds to the fun!!

sarah - dodeline design said...

so glad you had such a nice weekend!

Bri said...

such a sweet post! the fun is just about to begin with baby dates and family vacations and all :)