June 29, 2011

.Guest Post: Gabby of Design-Muse.

Today I have a guest post from my long-time friend, Gabby of Design-Muse.  There, she shares her ingenious ideas for hosting parties, mouth-watering recipes, and daily fashion inspirations.  Pretty much, I get a thrill in each of her postings and vow that I will one day be talented enough to host a dinner party like this.  She's really a girl after my own heart in finding that any occasion can be turned into a celebration with the right attitude.


I've known Jessica for quite awhile now...in fact, we've been friends ever since I cornered her in line at Moe's Burritos and essentially forced her to rush Sigma (our college sorority). The rest, as they say, is history. I love keeping up with her on .Learning Love's Life. - so much so that I recently asked her to guest post on Design-Muse, the daily lifestyle blog I curate. I was thrilled when she asked me to return the favor and give her some much needed time with that beautiful baby of hers.

Given the most recent events in Jessica's life, it only seemed right to conjure up some baby-related-goodness for you. Now, I think it's important that I start out by saying I'm not a Mom. In fact I'm not even close to being a Mom, which gives me a distinct advantage in one way and one way only. I'm fully able to hold onto the delusions of what I think I'll be like as a Mom. For example, I can still say things like "oh, I'll be just fine with no sleep" and "of course I won't freak out about her first ear infection". Come day two of motherhood I'm pretty confident I'll be singing a different tune altogether. But that's beside the point. One of the (admittedly ridiculous) things I want to believe about Gabby, the Mom, is that her kids will always be impeccably dressed. I'm talking outfits that put Suri Cruise to shame. It's a foolproof plan I've been developing since I was about 13...sure there are a few minor gaps (lack of funding, husband, etc.), but once I work those out I should be golden.

I'm excited to see all the beautiful things Jessica has planned for sweet baby Dylan's wardrobe. I see a lot of "ooooohs" and "ahhhhhhs" in our future (side note: is she a gorgeous baby or what?! My goodness!). Here are a few pieces I'd want to buy for my princess. Yes, those are baby clothes. And yes, they're more stylish than what I'm wearing at the moment, too. That's just how pretend-Mom-Gabby rolls.

1. Ikat Shirt, Zara $12.90 2. Cross Strap Sandals, Old Navy $12.99 3. Chunky Cable-Knit Shorts, J.Crew $78 4. Metallic Mocs, Trumpette $31.50 5. Twill Trousers with Belt, Zara $25.90 6. Ikat Tank Dress, J.Crew $52.50 7. Aztec Embroidered Skirt, Nordstrom $68 8. Cotton Tee, Estella $28 9. Toddler Fedora, Amazon 10. Loop Strap Sandals, Gap $15.99 11. Floral Baby Lace-Up, Zara $35.90 12. Eyelet Shift Dress, Gap $30.99 13. Bubble Pants, Gap $16.99 14. Polka Dot High-Waist Bikini Set, J. Crew $49.50 15. Fringed Suede Sandals, Old Navy $12.99

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Anna said...

I got Dylan some metallic mocs! Glad to know they are in stle for babies :) You're welcome, Jessica!