June 27, 2011

.Induction Process.

Dylan was a late baby, not arriving until two days after her due date.  I was pretty pitiful by then and the 90+ degree temperatures were no help.  People suggested I use several methods to naturally induce labor:

.Caster oil. Sex. Rolling on a bouncy ball. Spicy food. Pineapple. Getting on all fours. Walking. Jumping. Nipple stimulation. Pressure points.

I tried all of these options minus the caster oil (because that's just gross) and jumping (I was 40 weeks pregnant- there was no way I was able to exert that much physical energy at that point) and what worked?  I rolled on an exercise ball for hours on a Thursday, and by Friday morning my water broke (I'm forever grateful for the suggestion nurse Alicia).  Now I don't have any scientific data to support this correlation, but I thought I'd pass along the suggestions.  Whether they are old wives' tales or medically backed... when one gets that far along... you're willing to try almost anything to get baby out safe.


Dominique@Delightfully Domesticated said...

I didn't even think of that when I was preggo! I must keep that in mind. My daughter was induced on her due date with pitocin. Worst mistake ever! I will NEVER allow a doctor to induce me again unless its for emergency reasons. My son was induced 11 days (yup ELEVEN) after his due date but with a Foli Bulb. All it does is irritate the cervix and cause contractions. No medicine or anything. If it works, the bulb falls out when you hit 4cm. It worked and I went into labor naturally until 12 hours later and I was only at 7cm. They gave me pitocin (another stupid mistake of mine) and that was the worst 4 hours of my life! I didn't have meds, the whole labor-but the time on pitocin made everything a million times worse. Oh well, I still want more babies so I guess it wasn't that bad lol. Your baby was beautiful, but of course-who would have thought you would make anything BUT beautiful children!

sarah - dodeline design said...

That's so funny, what interesting tips! Pineapple huh? I imagine I'll be trying anything if I get into that situation :-)