June 22, 2011

.Guest Post: Sarah from Dodeline.

As new bebe Dylan and I spend some time getting to know each other, I have a couple of scheduled posts to share.  I'll be popping in every so often to share the latest adorableness, but today I have Sarah from Dodeline Design for you.  We met at a beautiful place, I fell in love with her work, and the rest is history... I'm a solid fan of this girl.  Enjoy!


My name is Sarah and Jessica very sweetly asked me to be one of her guest posters while she is spending time with her brand new baby girl.

(That's me. I just got engaged and I'm kind of excited about it, can you tell? ;-))

I thought it would be neat to share how I came to start reading Learning Loves Life everyday and keeping up with all the happenings in Jessica's life. I am a graphic designer in Charleston, SC, and I have a line of stationery and invitations and paper goodies that I make and sell online and - occasionally - at local artist events.

Jessica and her husband were on their babymoon in Charleston and stopped by my booth, and I just adored them. It's hard to put yourself out there at events like that, to always have a smile on your face and talk to strangers, but Jessica and her husband were the kind of people that I do it for! We had a great time chatting and she was sweet enough to buy a few items and then she shared with me that she's a blogger. She took my card and found my blog, and the rest is history!

We are so lucky to live in the technology-crazy world that we do. Even though it drives me nuts sometimes to always be "on," there is no other era in history where you could meet someone for 10 minutes but then still keep up with them everyday and get to know them in a small way. It's such a pleasure.

I'm sure to meet you sometime in the comments here on Learning Loves Life, and please stop by and see me sometime if you'd like! Thank you Jessica for having me here!

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sarah - dodeline design said...

Thank you for sharing this post Jessica! Hope you're having fun with the little one!