October 29, 2010

.Hello Friday.

Hello All.

I had a challenging school week but a lovely Friday entertaining my clients with Halloween festivities.  It feels amazing to do things solely for others, just to see a smile on their faces.

This Halloween weekend will be low-key. 

We're still exhausted after last year's get-together.  I'll leave you with a few pictures from last year, and although a costume won't be involved, I'm very excited about our plans for this year.

October 25, 2010

.Into the Sunset.

Alicia and Eric had their wedding at Oakhurst Farm and it could not have been a more beautiful day.  A day full of pictures, laughs, sneaking glances at the Auburn/LSU game (the deejay kept the party informed of the score), and the bridesmaid duty of trying to keep Alicia as happy and stress-free as possible. 

It was a day spent well with those near and dear. 

Representing for the Auburn win

This officially marks the end of our wedding season.
Whew, what a full one this has been!

October 22, 2010

.Friday Festivities.

I am looking forward to a weekend being reunited with my lovely friends.  Tonight starts the weekend wedding festivities for my since-highschool friend Alicia. 

She was a bridesmaid in my wedding and now I'm in hers. 
She is marrying the nicest guy, Eric, and they recently bought a house minutes from G and I.

When did we turn into adults again?

October 20, 2010

.Fight Song.

War Eagle, fly down the field
Ever to conquer, never to yield
War Eagle, fearless and true,
Fight on you orange and blue
Go! Go! Go!
On to vict'ry, strike up the band
Give 'em hell, give 'em hell,
Stand up and yell, Hey!
War Eagle, win for Auburn,
Power of Dixie Land!

. Auburn Fight Song.

Toomer's Corner after the Arkansas win

I can't really explain what this is or what message they were trying to get across

We rarely get an open Saturday where we're both off (hence why our anniversary trip to Charleston has been postponed several times).  When we finally realized this opportunity at the end of the week, we decided to spend the wonderful fallish afternoon with what may be our only chance to tailgate for the season.  What a season Auburn is having so far thanks especially to our quarterback and coach.  Being a part of Tigerwalk and rolling Toomer's Corner for the first time [although I've been an Auburn student for several years] was an incredible way to end my school-spirited, eat until I couldn't breathe day.

Also one of my best Alicia had her bachelorette party in Atlanta this weekend.  I hated to have to miss it, but you looked gorgeous in the pictures and I can't wait to be there for your special day next weekend!

October 18, 2010

.Sleepy Head.

It's Monday. 

I feel as exhausted as a newborn. 

Post to come about my weekend, but had to share these pictures we took of lovely Lily from Friday night.  She's got a ton of personality for a newbie; I can't wait to watch her grow up.  I also can't wait to give Mary a break and babysit soon so I can take pictures of her in strange pots and such ala Anne Geddes.

October 15, 2010

.Love Gesture.

Birthday are a big deal to me... almost as much as Christmas.  I plan months in advance.  My friend Tiffany just celebrated a birthday, and her boyfriend took the notion of a romantic gesture to new levels.  This video was a thoughtful and well-planned way to show Tiffany just how beautiful she is from the eye of someone else.

G... take note.

October 12, 2010

.The Time Has Come.

As The Buried Life comes back on air, I feel it's only necessary to declare out loud into the universe my current [but I always reserve the right to modify at any time]  list of to-do's before we die (because obviously I would sign G up involuntarily for all these adventures):

.The Tyler To-Do's.

1. Travel to Greece, Hawaii, Brazil, Spain, Alaska, Edinburgh, London, and Paris
{I have already been to the last three locations, but not with G so they only half count}

2. Build our own house
{This must include a circle, princess tower-like room for our future daughter}

3. Be debt free
{Those student loans will get you}

4. Have at least one million dollars set aside for retirement

5. Have a boat and a cabin
{I must always be by a body of water}

6. Spend time living in Nashville, Colorado, or Spain
{Random choices I know, but each speak to us in different ways}

7. Feel like a jetsetter and fly first class

8. Be able to give 10% of my gross income for tithes

9. Front row seats to Michael Buble

10. Go skiing in Colorado

11. Start a blog that has at least 100 followers

12. Have an office with floor-to-ceiling bookcases on every wall

13. Go to Serendipity in NYC

14. Kidnap a knome and take pictures of its adventures

15. Take a dance, cooking, and photography class

16. Crush grapes with my feet

17. Go on a missions trip

Some of these may be seen as supeficial... but life is too serious to always be taken so seriously.  It's okay to have fun every once in awhile.

What is on your bucket list?

October 10, 2010

.Cupcakes and Baby.

It seems like we've finally settled back into the routine of life that does not involve constant packing. Which is lucky for us since Duke [my car] decided to cost us a pretty penny earlier in the week when he fell under the weather. Although inconvenient, I did enjoy the few days we were a one-car family.  It was so nice to be chauffeured everywhere for a change.

We visited Mary and Justin again Friday night to get a little more Lily time followed by some incredible Chinese take-out. 

For Saturday, I made chocolate cupcakes and we grubbed on pizza while watching Auburn barely [but a win's a win] beat Kentucky with the in-laws.

After church and a southern lunch today, G passed out into a food-induced coma and I was left to try to decipher my statistics take-home quiz.  Funny how four little questions can easily take up the majority of my day.  I'll never understand how we can plead for the weekend's arrival, and then it can be spent on something as dull as schoolwork.

October 8, 2010

.Island Living.

One of my best friends, Mary had little Lily Katherine yesterday and I was on pins and needles all night in class waiting for the news.  I visited the happy family this morning, and G and I plan to again tonight to give the new parents some company. 

This week has proven more successful than last, but definitely was not easy breezy. 

Someone who is living easy breezy is one of my other best friends Lauren.  She lives in Seattle and is on an extended trip to Hawaii with her boyfriend Aaron.  Jealousy is not the word when seeing Aaron's pictures... just a feeling that I have to be there.  Since I most likely won't be finding any cheap fares across country for the weekend, we'll just have to live vicariously through them.

Wishing you all a fulfilling weekend.

October 7, 2010

.We Learn.

"You grieve you learn, you choke you learn. You laugh you learn, you choose you learn. You pray you learn, you ask you learn. You live you learn."


October 5, 2010

.A Southern Affair.

This weekend G and I attended my friend Virginia and her fiance Josh's wedding on the grounds of a beautiful plantation in Alabama built in the 1830's.  The weather was ideal as fall had made its arrival and the bride looked spectacular, but G was most excited about the groom's enormous cookie cake (not very surprising if you've been reading this blog). 

Congrats and a lifetime of loving memories to the new Mr. and Mrs. Lacy!

Note-I will never forgive you Virginia for going on a vacation your honeymoon to Cancun while I'll be collecting your notes, practicing t-tests and ANOVA, and presenting on the Rorschach for children.  You owe me for emotional duress I'll suffer in your absence... big time.