October 5, 2010

.A Southern Affair.

This weekend G and I attended my friend Virginia and her fiance Josh's wedding on the grounds of a beautiful plantation in Alabama built in the 1830's.  The weather was ideal as fall had made its arrival and the bride looked spectacular, but G was most excited about the groom's enormous cookie cake (not very surprising if you've been reading this blog). 

Congrats and a lifetime of loving memories to the new Mr. and Mrs. Lacy!

Note-I will never forgive you Virginia for going on a vacation your honeymoon to Cancun while I'll be collecting your notes, practicing t-tests and ANOVA, and presenting on the Rorschach for children.  You owe me for emotional duress I'll suffer in your absence... big time.


ddforliberty said...

Jessica, there is a jewel in your crown for enduring this horrible week while your friend is away. LOL
You are special!

Jen said...

What a beautiful bride!! And that cake... looks DEE-LISH-US!