January 31, 2011

.The Lanes.

Saturday night we reunited with friends at the bowling alley.  Luckily G had begun to regain his strength from his rough week and was up for socializing.  I myself went solely for the social hour(s) as I'm much too easily distracted to actually bowl.  The thing I love about my friends is that... as chaotic as life becomes for us... when we're finally together we revert back and pick up right where we left off.  This usually involves a lot of giggling, debating and discussing, and hilarious quips.


On an exhilarating note, we find out the sex of baby Tyler on Tuesday!  When we first found out, we were convinced we would leave the sex a surprise until baby's arrival.  I generally despise surprises (spontaneity is not a strength of mine) but it seemed something worth waiting for.  The more I thought about this logic though, the more overwhelmed I got thinking about everything that would have to wait until the baby came.  So alas, we will know as of a few days although G is utterly convinced that it's a boy.  Make your predictions now because your guess is as good as mine!

*20 1/2 weeks

January 28, 2011

.19 1/2 weeks.

We're halfway there!  We took these pictures at the start of the week and it's felt more real now that the little nudges and kicks are present daily.  Also, baby hiccups!  They're hilarious and beyond bizarre-feeling.  Unfortunately G has been stricken and officially diagnosed with the flu for the first time ever; I now am ever so grateful for listening to my doctor when he encouraged getting the vaccine during my first trimester.  Hopefully poor, pitiful G starts feeling better because we have a fun weekend planned with friends. 

Happy weekend all!

January 26, 2011

.Scenes from Downtown.

The ever-so creative Olivia from Everyday Musings gave me the idea to take the time to explore my town and find beauty in what we may pass by several times without as much as a glance.  Luckily, G was up for the adventure with me and baby Tyler this weekend and my, the scenes we found in downtown Columbus in a short afternoon.  It's simply an activity we'll have to partake in further as our southern weather warms.

January 24, 2011

.Night on the Town.

G surprised me Friday night with plans for a night on the town... just us two.  I was thrilled, as we have been strictly hibernating since the temperature dropped and the addition of school work to my duties.  We ate here, which was a nice change of pace from our usual time-efficient meals and dinner was full of quality conversation that G and I hadn't been able to share for quite some time with our multi-tasking schedules.  In other words, the entire evening was just what I needed.


* My 19 week bump

January 21, 2011

.Our Love Story.

G and I have been together just shy of seven  years.  As our life is preparing to change in a very dramatic way, it's led us on a new adventure that I just want to take a moment to pause, reflect, and process.

We met our senior year of high school through a mutual friend at her birthday party.  We went to rival high schools, and funny enough I remember meeting him twice before... with his girlfriends.  We didn't speak at all that night, until it came time for me to depart and say my goodbyes.  Then G, who was brazen and cute as ever requested a goodbye hug instead of my traditional you're-sort-of-a-stranger handshake.  For some reason, instead of being repulsed by his confidence, I was smitten right away.  A few weeks later, after the traditional go-between our mutual friend we had a date arranged.  At this point, several circumstances arose that could have negatively impacted our blossoming relationship... but somehow everything just aligned and make a path for our courtship. 

Once we graduated, I was off to Tennessee for college... four hours away.  I don't think either of us knew what to expect for a long distance relationship at the age of 18, but somehow it just worked.  It was never easy, at times it seemed unbearable... but eventually one year turned to two, which then turned to four.  As challenging as it was, I would never take it back because it truly gave us time to grow up apart from each other as our own people.  Depending on the semester and our workload we were able to see each other as often as every two weeks, to once a month but we stayed patient and dedicated.  On December 8, 2007 in the middle of my senior year, G proposed in the most incredible, magnificent way possible {a story I'll have to share later, but it was more than I could have ever asked for}.  Garrett, as responsible as he is graduated early with a Finance degree and started saving for our future, as I finished my last semester of studies in Psychology.  By the end of that summer, we were married and I was set to start graduate school right after we returned from our honeymoon {also amazing}.

I wondered how we would handle living together in the same house after living long distance for four years, but we came in with realistic expectations and a vow to remember that we were on the same team... always.  We were partners and while that doesn't always mean agreeing and liking each other, it meant we were always working on a common goal together... and by then we had a ton of experience in the "working" part.  We've gone through studies abroad, summers away, drama, formals, trips away together, disagreements, stress, misunderstandings, life adjustments... for alot of the time it was truly blood, sweat, and tears. 

Two and a half years later into marriage and I still wake up enjoying him more than I already have.  It's been an unbelievable ride so far and we're really only at the beginning... there's a lot more years to get to 60.  Working towards baby Tyler has enabled the love and appreciation to grow even deeper and while we have no true idea what to expect come June... we'll just take it one step at a time... always together.

January 20, 2011

.I Think I'll Try.

Something has changed within me
Something is not the same
I'm through with playing by the rules
Of someone else's game
Too late for second-guessing
Too late to go back to sleep
It's time to trust my instincts
Close my eyes: and leap
It's time to try
Defying gravity
I think I'll try
Defying gravity
Kiss me goodbye
I am defying gravity
And you wont bring me down

I'm through accepting limits
'cause someone says they're so
Some things I cannot change
But till I try, I'll never know!
Too long I've been afraid of
Losing love I guess I've lost

Well, if that's love
It comes at much too high a cost!
I'd sooner buy
Defying gravity
Kiss me goodbye
I'm defying gravity
I think I'll try
Defying gravity
And you wont bring me down

{Here's to always trying and limitless options}

January 18, 2011


This week flew by in such a blur, I hardly remember what it consisted of other than work and school.  I was looking forward to the weekend though, as my mom and her husband were coming to visit G and I.  It felt good to have no pressure but to spend time together shopping and relaxing {except our after-dinner game of Scrabble that turned out to be nothing but intense}.  We had fun with my growing bump, and then making a grand breakfast for the gentlemen on Sunday.  Now after a rainy MLK day spent running all about town in search of a specifically special necessity, I'm ready to tackle this week and try to even mix in a little fun.  School + work + cold tends to very easily make Jessica a dull girl if I let it.

January 14, 2011

.Music Is Art.

My younger brother Alex, is a musician.  A very good artist in my opinion, though I may be a little biased.  While I had to take piano classes for six years to be relatively decent, Alex taught himself how to play the piano, drums, and guitar for fun before puberty.  It's blatantly clear which one of us got the creative genes.  It's hard to believe how driven he is for an 18 year old, or how far he's come in his craft over the years.  I'm always filled with pride when I hear him doing what he loves.  Although we're six years apart and it's sometimes easier for me to take the role of second mom to him than older sister, we couldn't be closer.  I can't wait to see the good that he's going to do with his music and the people he's going to touch.  You'll hear me brag about him much more in the future, but you can get a brief introduction to his works here, here, here, and here.

* None of these pictures were taken by me.  All the awesomeness was borrowed from his facebook page.

January 11, 2011

.Ice & Luck.

Only in the south does the whole town close down because of a little ice and snow.  An unexpected snow day, while relaxing, would have been much more useful during the semester rather than the first day of classes but I'll take it.  Movies, puppy nap time, and crossing off much on my to-do list while trapped at home wasn't so bad, except poor G still had to go work.  Once he came home though, we were able to curl up under the covers and watch the nerve-racking BCS National Championship.  No big deal, we're only National Champions!!! 

Tomorrow was supposed to be my first day back of classes, but it's already been canceled due to weather.  Guess I'll just have to emotionally prepare for my first day on Wednesday consisting of work and six hours of class... at least I have my new {cool} briefcase to help me cope with the increased stress with resuming my workload.  It's the little things that can keep you positive. 

January 10, 2011

.This Past Week.

The past week has been wonderfully filled with well wishes {thanks so much friends}, an intense urge to start organizing everything in our home {early nesting perhaps?}, time with friends, celebrating birthdays of my father-in-law and Nik, preparing for the start of another semester of school, and planning for baby!  Now that everyone knows our little secret, it feels more real and like it's okay to start making plans.  Included was our very adult move of purchasing a legit "family" SUV this weekend that I named Adler.  Yes, I name our cars.  Why so?  Because I spend so much time in them commuting from responsibility to responsibility and traveling that they become a sort of a safe haven... something that goes with me wherever my adventures lead... a loyal companion. 

Anyway, I guess there's not one point that makes you an adult.  You just wake up one day, look around and realize, "Huh... I guess this is what I've been preparing and working for all along."  Then maybe feel nostalgic for a minute of the past, and move on with life.  At least that's how it's been for me so far.  I will miss Duke though, my loyal and speedy two-door car; we've had some great memories since sophomore year of college... when life was a lot more simple but just as fun.

January 5, 2011

.The Sweetest Surprise.

As you probably guessed from yesterday's reveal G and I are expecting a little baby Tyler in June.  It's been a whirlwind four months as we were surprised with the news in October.  We feel incredibly blessed for the chance to be parents, as well as the outpouring of love and support throughout because this has been something we prayed about and wanted for quite some time.  We've hoped for this for so long, when it finally did happen I didn't even want to talk about it, as if that would scare the baby away or tempt fate.  I know, ye of little faith in God's plan, but I couldn't even believe it was real as the three pregnancy tests can attest to.  In private though, this has been the best secret G and I have ever kept. 

I'm naturally a catastrophizer and when I began researching just how many miraculous things have to happen to make a person, I began panicking... to the point where my doctor had to tell me, "GET OFF google."  I count myself lucky that my first and second trimester have gone smoothly thus far with no severe symptoms to complain of and as of our latest checkup yesterday, baby Tyler is doing perfectly fine and we got to hear the most beautiful noise in the world for the third time... our child's heartbeat.  We'll find out the sex in four weeks and finally get to see how much our little bambino has grown since we saw it last almost 11 weeks ago. 

Now starts the fun stuff of bump watch, planning for the nursery and showers, and finally starting to prepare for a new addition to the household.  My goal is to relax and enjoy every minute of it and G's been the best husband in helping that to happen with nightly back rubs, a reasonable amount of chocolate icecream, and constantly telling me how beautiful he thinks I am... even when I feel the complete opposite and start fussing that I don't fit right in anything and decide life is off for the day.  We couldn't be happier.

*Aren't those the most adorable booties ever? We were so excited for the baby's gift from our friend Caroline... it's baby's first item of clothing!

January 3, 2011

.Midnight: For the Sake of Old Times.

Should old acquaintance be forgot,
and never brought to mind ?
Should old acquaintance be forgot,
and old lang syne ?
For auld lang syne, my dear,
for auld lang syne,
we'll take a cup of kindness yet,
for auld lang syne.

.Auld Lang Syne.