January 10, 2011

.This Past Week.

The past week has been wonderfully filled with well wishes {thanks so much friends}, an intense urge to start organizing everything in our home {early nesting perhaps?}, time with friends, celebrating birthdays of my father-in-law and Nik, preparing for the start of another semester of school, and planning for baby!  Now that everyone knows our little secret, it feels more real and like it's okay to start making plans.  Included was our very adult move of purchasing a legit "family" SUV this weekend that I named Adler.  Yes, I name our cars.  Why so?  Because I spend so much time in them commuting from responsibility to responsibility and traveling that they become a sort of a safe haven... something that goes with me wherever my adventures lead... a loyal companion. 

Anyway, I guess there's not one point that makes you an adult.  You just wake up one day, look around and realize, "Huh... I guess this is what I've been preparing and working for all along."  Then maybe feel nostalgic for a minute of the past, and move on with life.  At least that's how it's been for me so far.  I will miss Duke though, my loyal and speedy two-door car; we've had some great memories since sophomore year of college... when life was a lot more simple but just as fun.

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