November 13, 2011

.Gender Reveal.

On Friday, we went to our dear friends' gender reveal party.  It was remarkable to see Raz and Ashley's expressions when they cut into their cake and saw the pink filling that told us all that Dylan will be having a new best friend come May.  G and I were grateful to be able to witness that lifechanging moment for two people so special to us.  Much congratulations you two, on the baby girl who will soon consume your hearts.

Ours sure has.


Ashley Druica said...

We love you guys so much! Thank you for being part of our special moment. We are looking forward to MANY more experiences together.

The Greeff Family said...

I LOVE these pictures, Jessica! We were SO bummed that we couldn't make it but you completely captured the emotions!! Great job!! Yay for little girls!!

sarah - dodeline design said...

That is SO cute to do it that way! I still can't decide if I will want to know or be surprised...still time for that decision though :-)

Anna said...

This is the CUTEST idea ever!! I want to do this (down the road when we finally decide to have a little babe)!

And as always, you're little girl is seriously getting cuter and cuter every time I see her pictures! :)