November 18, 2011

.The Day Dylan Had to Learn How to Share.

This weekend adorable Willow and her mama were nice enough to let Dylan play with her jumperoo for the first time.  I've never seen my child so giddy.  When it came time to switch turns, Dylan tried to up the cute factor to return to her happy place.  That sweet little face was so precious, I couldn't help but go buy her one of her own when we returned home.  I'm fully aware that I was played like a fiddle by an infant, but nothing brings me more joy than seeing my girl light up in delight.

The weekend before Thanksgiving is here! My favorite time of year has officially begun.

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Vanisha @ Vanisha's Life In...Australia said...

I've just come over from Sarah's blog, loved your post there! And Dylan does look like one happy baby!