November 29, 2010



Burnout: Physical, emotional, and mental exhaustion brought on by involvement over prolonged periods with emotionally demanding situations and weaknesses.  Depersonalization, lack of personal accomplishment, and depletion from prolonged job and school stress.

I know I still haven't done a recap from the holiday weekend.  I also still haven't done chores, nor started decorating the Christmas tree that G put up days ago.  I have cut off my phone except for necessary uses.  Finals and all assignments for the semester are due this week and until Thursday night, I will be a slave to the books.  Be back soon for a blissful month of rest from studies, where I can have enough brain capacity to accomplish things and maybe even be a little creative.

November 28, 2010

.Just Cause.

I love you without knowing how, or when, or from where. I love you straightforwardly without complexities or pride. I love you because I know no other way then this. So close that your hand, on my chest, is my hand. So close, that when you close your eyes, I fall asleep.

.Pablo Neruda.

* This beautiful picture of us was taken Thanksgiving day a few years ago, not the date stamped.  Silly technology.

November 25, 2010

.Thanksgiving Feasting.

When the Halloween pumpkins are gone,
And the leaves have all fallen to ground,
When the air has turned windy and cold,
Then Thanksgiving will soon be around.
Thoughts of loved ones all feasting together,
Pleasant pictures from past times appear
To dwell in each heart and each mind--
Then Thanksgiving is finally here!
The kitchen has scrumptious aromas,
The dining room looks oh, so fine,
Decorations with pilgrims and turkeys,
And now we are ready to dine!
First the napkins are placed on our laps;
Now the prayer for the meal to be blessed,
Then we stuff the good food in our tummies,
And we hope for it all to digest!

Happy Thanksgiving!

We're spending the holiday weekend here with G's family doing nothing but enjoying time together, watching the parade, eating, antique shopping, watching the Iron Bowl, and school work napping. I hope all of your Thanksgivings are spent well with wonderful people.  Here are a few pictures from last Thanksgiving weekend; funny how much has happened in just a year.

November 24, 2010

.Devil's Food.

Weeks ago my father-in-law politely requested that I contribute a specific dessert for our Thanksgiving meal: Devil's Food Cake.  I've never eaten DFC much less attempted to recreate it, but as always I was up for the challenge (I'll use any excuse to get out of homework, including blogging...which I am currently doing).  I found this recipe and was instantly excited due to the commonly found ingredients.  I actually squealed when I found that I had everything I needed except the frosting (I wasn't that ambitious to attempt a cake and frosting from scratch). 

Other recipes I stumbled across included many items I had never even heard of (I'm a simple girl) and as much as I love G's family, I was not willing to fight the holiday grocery store traffic to track down the necessary supplies.  The recipe was simple, sweet, and surprisingly not as detrimental to my waist line as I first thought.  I decided to practice the first batch for my work Thanksgiving lunch and I heard no complaints from my clients, so that gives me more confidence that I won't mess up cake #2 tonight thereby avoiding the disaster of ruining Thanksgiving for the Tyler family.  Dessert is very important to the Tyler's. Very.

November 22, 2010

.Christmas Lights.

The holidays are my FAVORITE time of year, even more than my birthday.  Date nights involving Christmas shopping, purchases for very special people, hot chocolate galore, cute winter caps and scarves, and winter-scented candles (my house ranges room-to-room from smelling like cupcakes, to spiced cake, to oatmeal cookie, to pine evergreen).  I do like to appreciate every holiday for what it is though, which means strict rules not to decorate for Christmas or listen to Christmas music until I've stuffed myself with Thanksgiving dinner and not a minute before. 

There's been something about this holiday though, that I've had greater anticipation than usual and have (gasp!) even snuck a Christmas medley or two in privacy.  G attempted to inform me this weekend that he will not be putting up Christmas lights this year as we are planning to spend it in DC with family and "it's pointless"... 

ahem... I will have lights upon my house's frame for the month of December or so help me G will be getting nothing but coal from Santa this year.  We're a team, and unless he wants a steep bill from my therapist* for emotional distress... we're having our Christmas tree and Christmas lights up per usual.  I thrive in consistency, I fail in spontaneity.  G should know this by now after almost seven years together.

*Totally joking, I don't have a therapist.  I do therapy on myself, it's totally legit and ethical. 

November 19, 2010

.Dog Days.

Every Friday is a celebration, even if we have no plans at all.
It's a promise of what's to come.
It's a guarantee of calm.
I like calm. I need calm.
It's especially rewarding because the following week is a holiday week.
That means no school, and half work.
That means a deliriously happy Jessica which equals a happy G.

For those who had a less than stellar week, here's a hilarious video that's been making its rounds. It spoke to me not because of the adorable child, but because this is my exact reaction to this song. It speaks to me the way that Fridays do... and Thanksgiving... and Christmas... and Chinese food... and cute little hats.

November 17, 2010

.Florida Fun.

The morning after Nik's going away party, G and I arose early to road trip with the pups to my mother's.  We were skeptical to bring all three destructors*, but alas they proved themselves trustworthy to get to join us for adventures in the future.  It's always good to spend time with mama and be gorged with my favorite Puertorican and Peruvian dishes.  G surely doesn't get it at home, as I've expressed my general attitude towards cooking.  Mom spoils me though, which is usually exactly what I need to refresh my soul.

After watching the Auburn/Georgia game (11-0!!!), Saturday night we drove to Jacksonville to go salsa dancing at Cuba Libre.  In theory, I should be a pretty natural dancer; I have Latin running through my veins.  G is a competent dancer as well, though we have more experience dancing alone at home to Justin Timberlake than the musical stylings of Meringue and Regatone.  So G and I worked our nerves to get up and try after watching others for awhile and digesting the basics. 

Let's just say, we're going to have to go home and devote some time to practice before the next rematch.

* I came home Friday afternoon to this scene.  RIP recently delivered personalized Christmas stockings.

November 14, 2010

.Farewell For Now.

My maid of honor Nikki, got herself a big girl job in Augusta hours away, so we had a small going away celebration for her.  We've had countless nights of entertainment and festivities at our favorite Mexican restaurant, El Vaquero, so it seemed like the appropriate venue for the occasion.  The evening continued at Alicia and Eric's new home where there was a mixture of youth activities that reminded us of our age (the boys were outside playing with bow & arrows), and adult activities (small children running around rambunctiously, babies being passed around, talks of mortgages) to remind us that getting in our mid-twenties consists of the perfect balance of adult responsibilities and the need to do just because it seems fun at the time and maybe we'll end up regretting it later. 

The girls don't get together too often because, life just happens lately, but when we do it's great to laugh, make fun of each other [all in love of course], judge TV personalities, and discuss plots of books and movies in all seriousness as if it makes a grand difference in the quality of our lives.  Luckily, Nik's departure wasn't too bittersweet as the holidays are around the corner and she will quickly resume her presence in our lives.

November 10, 2010

.Ridiculous Rant.

At the moment, I don't care how stupid this sounds.
I've spent the majority of my time in an academic setting, since I was 5 years old and in kindergarten.  I'm now 24 and in doctoral school.  I will never be okay when someone randomly takes my seat midway through the semester.  I actually earned recognition in undergrad for my irrational anger associated with "seat stealing".  I think it's rude and inconsiderate.    It throws off my balance in the room, my process.  For me to learn, I have to find comfort and a familiarity with my environment.

So girl who decided to steal my workspace with weeks left in the semester for no apparent reason: I don't appreciate you or your general self-centeredness.  Social cues are very important to peace and productivity.  I didn't learn a thing in stats class tonight due to my distraction in a new surrounding.  Our final is in three weeks.  I'm on to you.

I'm sorta half totally joking on the seriousness of this offense on my list of general concerns.

November 9, 2010


I've been feeling a bit disconnected from the world lately.  Having a big girl job and then starting school back this fall has just made me feel like I'm in a marathon with no end in sight.  Luckily, the holidays are just weeks away (where did Fall go?) which is exactly what I think I need right now to get me out of my funk. 

I miss my family.

This weekend I felt like I was back in undergrad having to hole up in Panera to get some manuscript writing done... unfortunately minus the hilarious and equally delirious undergrad friends.  I also spent some time with friends and their adorable babies who played hairdresser with me {Sweet Haidyn even gave me permission to take her bows home} and were so sweet to lay in my arms and cuddle and NOT projectile vomit until they were handed over to dear ole dad.  {Lily, that was appreciated more than you know!}

And there were cupcakes.  Cupcakes are always vital in challenging times.

November 5, 2010

.I Want.

I want a lot.  I need little. 
I'm working to be:



What do you want to be?

November 3, 2010


“Sometimes you climb out of bed in the morning and you think, I’m not going to make it, but you laugh inside remembering all the times you’ve felt that way.”

.Charles Bukowski.

November 2, 2010

.Here You Are November.

Having breakfast for dinner. 
Shopping instead of homework.
Seafood birthday dinner.
Finding new treasures in a bookstore.
Auburn is 9-0.
Bonfire with friends.
Having breakfast for lunch.
Christmas Made in the South arts and crafts event.
Getting admonished for taking pictures at said event by a grump.
Vampire movie.
Seemingly simple haunted gingerbread house that takes hours.
G making a mess during the craft project and not being entertained.
Sleepy pups.
Homework catchup.
Waking up each morning gets more and more challenging.

{No complaints on a Halloween weekend full of brisk weather, hoodies, food, and fun.}