November 24, 2010

.Devil's Food.

Weeks ago my father-in-law politely requested that I contribute a specific dessert for our Thanksgiving meal: Devil's Food Cake.  I've never eaten DFC much less attempted to recreate it, but as always I was up for the challenge (I'll use any excuse to get out of homework, including blogging...which I am currently doing).  I found this recipe and was instantly excited due to the commonly found ingredients.  I actually squealed when I found that I had everything I needed except the frosting (I wasn't that ambitious to attempt a cake and frosting from scratch). 

Other recipes I stumbled across included many items I had never even heard of (I'm a simple girl) and as much as I love G's family, I was not willing to fight the holiday grocery store traffic to track down the necessary supplies.  The recipe was simple, sweet, and surprisingly not as detrimental to my waist line as I first thought.  I decided to practice the first batch for my work Thanksgiving lunch and I heard no complaints from my clients, so that gives me more confidence that I won't mess up cake #2 tonight thereby avoiding the disaster of ruining Thanksgiving for the Tyler family.  Dessert is very important to the Tyler's. Very.

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Hallie said...

Umm... picture #2 looks uh-mazing.