November 14, 2010

.Farewell For Now.

My maid of honor Nikki, got herself a big girl job in Augusta hours away, so we had a small going away celebration for her.  We've had countless nights of entertainment and festivities at our favorite Mexican restaurant, El Vaquero, so it seemed like the appropriate venue for the occasion.  The evening continued at Alicia and Eric's new home where there was a mixture of youth activities that reminded us of our age (the boys were outside playing with bow & arrows), and adult activities (small children running around rambunctiously, babies being passed around, talks of mortgages) to remind us that getting in our mid-twenties consists of the perfect balance of adult responsibilities and the need to do just because it seems fun at the time and maybe we'll end up regretting it later. 

The girls don't get together too often because, life just happens lately, but when we do it's great to laugh, make fun of each other [all in love of course], judge TV personalities, and discuss plots of books and movies in all seriousness as if it makes a grand difference in the quality of our lives.  Luckily, Nik's departure wasn't too bittersweet as the holidays are around the corner and she will quickly resume her presence in our lives.

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