November 22, 2010

.Christmas Lights.

The holidays are my FAVORITE time of year, even more than my birthday.  Date nights involving Christmas shopping, purchases for very special people, hot chocolate galore, cute winter caps and scarves, and winter-scented candles (my house ranges room-to-room from smelling like cupcakes, to spiced cake, to oatmeal cookie, to pine evergreen).  I do like to appreciate every holiday for what it is though, which means strict rules not to decorate for Christmas or listen to Christmas music until I've stuffed myself with Thanksgiving dinner and not a minute before. 

There's been something about this holiday though, that I've had greater anticipation than usual and have (gasp!) even snuck a Christmas medley or two in privacy.  G attempted to inform me this weekend that he will not be putting up Christmas lights this year as we are planning to spend it in DC with family and "it's pointless"... 

ahem... I will have lights upon my house's frame for the month of December or so help me G will be getting nothing but coal from Santa this year.  We're a team, and unless he wants a steep bill from my therapist* for emotional distress... we're having our Christmas tree and Christmas lights up per usual.  I thrive in consistency, I fail in spontaneity.  G should know this by now after almost seven years together.

*Totally joking, I don't have a therapist.  I do therapy on myself, it's totally legit and ethical. 

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Virginia said...

is he crazy?? of course you're decorating! that's the only reason y'all bought a house anyway, right?