August 20, 2010

.Summer's End.

Let's be real, the end of a southern summer is hardly in August.  Fall weather isn't usually expected until around October which can be marked by the middle of college football season.  It's still in the 90's here and humid, I still glisten everywhere I go, my air conditioning is still set on high and yet I consider my summer over due to the lack of leisure I now have with school along with work.  So as I kiss my sundrenched summer goodbye, I wanted to reflect on some of my favorite memories.

1. Sunny weekends on the river


2. Commencements: graduating from my Master's program & Alex graduating from highschool

3. Great conversations and grilling on the new deck [that G built himself this summer!] with friends



4. Spending some time with the cutest most adorable munchkin, my little sister Katheryn Lorraine who is growing wayyy too fast for my liking and my incredibly artistic and talented brother Alex


5. Celebrating my 24th birthday Stepford Wife style and transforming my living room for the dinner party


7. My college girl's trip to Seattle




8. Learning new recipes and having G be my guinea pig as seen here, here, and here

9. Finding my artistic side and realizing I like it regardless if I am good at it or not as seen here, here and here


10. and finally... being brave enough to start this blog that I have been thinking about for months... and enjoying every minute of it.

Hope everyone enjoys whatever may be the lasts of your summer but not the end of  memories you appreciate!

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