August 15, 2010

.Single Lady.

This weekend was crazy busy and now I'm spent.  One major event was Emily & Billy's bachelorette/bachelor night.  While the boys played, Emily's night started with dinner, painting at Sips N Strokes, and then dancing and a live show from Trotline

I stayed up way past my bedtime and my feet took quite the beating in those heels, but it was a fun evening with the girls even though hanging out in a college town will serve as a glaring reminder that  I'm 24 and no longer 19.  And if I ever do forget, I have no doubt that my body will swiftly retaliate like it did this morning in the form of demolished feet that rendered me practically immobile and PGV [party girl voice].

Also this weekend was one of my best friend's baby shower.  Post to's time to give G some proper attention. 

Enjoy the last hours of your weekends! 

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