August 1, 2010

.Friday Food & Film Adventure.

The times Friday night comes around with no place we have to be (not that often), we embrace it and have Friday Food & Film Adventure.  Essentially, it's dinner and a movie but the name avoids any feeling of routine that may be associated with marriage and the 'adventure' aspect comes in with that nothing we do can be repeated.   This Friday's menu was a sci-fi movie with a side of steak. 

Therefore, FFFA is special to us because it's an occasion spent bonding, learning with each other, and celebrating the survival of another work week. 


Tamara Nicole said...

Oooh we do that Fridays too! I love rewinding from the work week, cooking dinner together with some vino and just chillin:-)

Good times!

ashley said...

y'all are sooo cute!!!! =]]