August 10, 2010

.Tallahassee Travels.

Other things may change us, but we start and end with family.

.Anthony Brandt.

After work on Friday, teeny tiny Tenley and I departed for a weekend trip to visit my mom in Florida.  My brother was in town from Virginia as well so it was a much needed reunion.  G had to work so thankfully he agreed to keep 2/3 of the Tyler pups which avoided my mom's human-dog, Lucas, from having a heart attack. 

While I find Alabama obnoxiously humid, it's nothing compared to the swamp that was Tallahassee this weekend.  You'll notice that most pictures were taken inside.  To be summer, we avoided all outdoor activities like the plague.  On Sunday we finally ventured to the pool to only be turned away by a vulgar sign stating, "broken glass."  Epic fail.  So we decided to make our treck in the scalding sun not in vain by at least squeezing out a few pictures. 

I'm not complaining though.  The time spent inside was spent well with alot... ALOT of eating, movies, laughs, shopping, relaxing and puppy play time... and the appropriate amount of guilt dished out by my mom for not visiting enough.  So pretty much the usual.

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