August 4, 2010

.Brush Strokes.

My friends Jorja, Emily and I have our love of painting in common. Now, enjoying painting and having talent enough to be considered good are two different things. Before last night's events we had enough confidence in our artistic capabilities; afterward the sentiment had definitely changed. We have been planning to try glass painting for months and now that summer's end is rapidly approaching and Jorja and I will be resuming our studies, we decided to go to Brushes and Beverages to express ourselves via glassware.

Let’s just say the experience was… testing… and time-consuming… throw stressful in there too. We are the kind of girls who excel with structure, not so much figure-it-out-as-you-go, so our beloved painting we had previously found so calming and pleasurable turned into freak-out central.  By the end, we had to go to a late dinner just to debrief from the entire session and soothe our nerves.

Em, Jorja and I tried to make the best of it but if G makes one smart comment implying that our new tumblers resemble the artistic expression of a kindergartner, I’m sticking them in the dishwasher and erasing all memory of the defeating experience of that blasted glass painting.

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