August 23, 2010

.His and Hers.

Virginia, Anna and I met at Auburn University two years ago starting our Masters program.  The story goes that neither of them particularly liked me at first meeting; this is neither insulting nor shocking.  Through the years I have learned that I rarely make a good first impression.  Apparently you have to learn to love me.  Anyway, through two years of chaos and lots...and lots... and lots of reading and papers throughout graduate school we became close and leaned on each other when we all we wanted to do was quit... which was often. 

On graduation in May, Virginia decided to step up our celebration day a notch by getting engaged.  Anna and I were so glad we were able to be there with her on  her special day... and just stare at her beautiful ring [and talk] the entire commencement ceremony.   We've been apart all summer since they both decided to move over an hour away from me (not cool by the way) so Virginia and Josh's couple shower was the perfect time for us to be reunited and catch up.  It was a great summer night filled with incredible barbecue that I ate bragged on all night, evening swimming, meeting new boyfriends and family, and hilarious conversation.

G and I adding some spice in their life

The bride-to-be

Hank, the Michael Phelps of dogs

I hated saying goodbye at the end of the evening but luckily Virginia is doing the doctoral program with me so I'll see her in class on Tuesday.  Anna... well... Auburn football and tailgating is right around the corner so I know our seperation won't be too long.


ddforliberty said...

It was so good seeing you again. You were just what was needed to make Virginia and Josh's party such fun. This is such a sweet blog. I'm looking forward to tailgating.
Donna Dawson

Anna said...

AHHHH that first pic is HORRIBLE of me...!!! I had such a great time with yall and have missed yall terribly!