August 30, 2010

.To the Shore.

Bemily's [Billy+Emily] wedding in Gulf Shores was memorable to say the least.  We had been looking forward to their beach wedding since they got engaged last Christmas.  Well... during this destination wedding it rained ... alot.  Like the road to our condo was nearly under water.  Like the entire radar was red and yellow and covered 100 miles around us.  Like in zero need for SPF.  As in thank goodness I didn't listen to G when we were packing and he said, "You won't need a jacket, we're going to the beach!"  As in, I would have been one emotionally irrational bride if I was Emily having to make arrangements for a now-indoor wedding but she made a beautifully fun event happen and no one was seriously injured.

Live centerpieces!

.Love destined since the age of one.

Kyle did a fantastic job on finding us a condo straight out of Cribs, the boys were always late for their groomsmen duties much to the dismay of the bride, we did some great shopping where I scored the watch I've been searching for since last season, we had a dance party so intense my calves and G's abs have been sore for two days, and also saw some interesting characters in a little local spot called Florabama. Yes, that's the real name. Yes, you can catch a live lobster from a claw machine for $2 there and they have an event called the "Mullet Toss." No, I am not creative enough to make this stuff up.


ddforliberty said...

Jessica, Virginia logged me on to her Facebook page so I could collect addresses for her. I was browsing and read this post.
I have actually attended the Mullet Toss for quite a few years.
We want Josh and Virginia to join us this coming April.
The Mullet Toss is a charity event for Toys for Tots. There are pictures of my friends tossing a mullet on my FB photos.
I must subscribe to your blog and I will as soon as I can get on my own page.

.Jessica. said...

Great to know the story behind it! We weren't able to actually witness the event so all I saw was the huge sign and could only guess. I'm definitely going to have to check out your pictures to see what it's all about!

So glad you're enjoying the blog. =)