August 30, 2010

.To the Shore.

Bemily's [Billy+Emily] wedding in Gulf Shores was memorable to say the least.  We had been looking forward to their beach wedding since they got engaged last Christmas.  Well... during this destination wedding it rained ... alot.  Like the road to our condo was nearly under water.  Like the entire radar was red and yellow and covered 100 miles around us.  Like in zero need for SPF.  As in thank goodness I didn't listen to G when we were packing and he said, "You won't need a jacket, we're going to the beach!"  As in, I would have been one emotionally irrational bride if I was Emily having to make arrangements for a now-indoor wedding but she made a beautifully fun event happen and no one was seriously injured.

Live centerpieces!

.Love destined since the age of one.

Kyle did a fantastic job on finding us a condo straight out of Cribs, the boys were always late for their groomsmen duties much to the dismay of the bride, we did some great shopping where I scored the watch I've been searching for since last season, we had a dance party so intense my calves and G's abs have been sore for two days, and also saw some interesting characters in a little local spot called Florabama. Yes, that's the real name. Yes, you can catch a live lobster from a claw machine for $2 there and they have an event called the "Mullet Toss." No, I am not creative enough to make this stuff up.

August 27, 2010


G's in a beach wedding this weekend! 

I'm so excited to take a mini-vacation right after the start of school and spend time sharing a condo with friends.  Surprisingly this is our only beach trip all summer, but first... we have to run errands and actually pack before our departure this morning and then make it through the road trip with the groomesmen.  Luckily G and I prepared an appropriate playlist with my current fave, Mumford & Sons, to put us in the mood.

August 25, 2010


Always know your top priority.  Not for the moment, but for your whole life.  Think about what you'd like to have carved on your tombstone and work toward that.  The other details will take care of themselves.
.Albert Bernstein.

August 23, 2010

.His and Hers.

Virginia, Anna and I met at Auburn University two years ago starting our Masters program.  The story goes that neither of them particularly liked me at first meeting; this is neither insulting nor shocking.  Through the years I have learned that I rarely make a good first impression.  Apparently you have to learn to love me.  Anyway, through two years of chaos and lots...and lots... and lots of reading and papers throughout graduate school we became close and leaned on each other when we all we wanted to do was quit... which was often. 

On graduation in May, Virginia decided to step up our celebration day a notch by getting engaged.  Anna and I were so glad we were able to be there with her on  her special day... and just stare at her beautiful ring [and talk] the entire commencement ceremony.   We've been apart all summer since they both decided to move over an hour away from me (not cool by the way) so Virginia and Josh's couple shower was the perfect time for us to be reunited and catch up.  It was a great summer night filled with incredible barbecue that I ate bragged on all night, evening swimming, meeting new boyfriends and family, and hilarious conversation.

G and I adding some spice in their life

The bride-to-be

Hank, the Michael Phelps of dogs

I hated saying goodbye at the end of the evening but luckily Virginia is doing the doctoral program with me so I'll see her in class on Tuesday.  Anna... well... Auburn football and tailgating is right around the corner so I know our seperation won't be too long.

August 20, 2010

.Summer's End.

Let's be real, the end of a southern summer is hardly in August.  Fall weather isn't usually expected until around October which can be marked by the middle of college football season.  It's still in the 90's here and humid, I still glisten everywhere I go, my air conditioning is still set on high and yet I consider my summer over due to the lack of leisure I now have with school along with work.  So as I kiss my sundrenched summer goodbye, I wanted to reflect on some of my favorite memories.

1. Sunny weekends on the river


2. Commencements: graduating from my Master's program & Alex graduating from highschool

3. Great conversations and grilling on the new deck [that G built himself this summer!] with friends



4. Spending some time with the cutest most adorable munchkin, my little sister Katheryn Lorraine who is growing wayyy too fast for my liking and my incredibly artistic and talented brother Alex


5. Celebrating my 24th birthday Stepford Wife style and transforming my living room for the dinner party


7. My college girl's trip to Seattle




8. Learning new recipes and having G be my guinea pig as seen here, here, and here

9. Finding my artistic side and realizing I like it regardless if I am good at it or not as seen here, here and here


10. and finally... being brave enough to start this blog that I have been thinking about for months... and enjoying every minute of it.

Hope everyone enjoys whatever may be the lasts of your summer but not the end of  memories you appreciate!

August 18, 2010

.Mary Mary, Quite Contrary.

On Sunday I went to a pre-party for mother Mary and the imminent coming of baby Lily.  Lily is expected to make her first appearance mid-October and it was time to spoil her with gifts to persuade her to make an early arrival and cut her mother a break. 

Baby Lily, think about it... the more timely your entrance into our lives, the more time you have for presents and adoration!  For now, we're only able to dole our attention to Mary... and Baby Lily, I'm going to let you in on a little secret... your mother can be quite the contrarian when it comes to pictures... even with you.  I know, I know... but don't take it personally, she was like this long before you were tap dancing on her bladder for kicks.  Still, I can't wait to meet you and take 4522655 pictures of you before your parents charge me with harassment.

The shower went off without a hitch and our team even won the maternity toilet paper outfit challenge; the judges [future-parents] thankfully appreciated our red-carpet look.  Funny to see how far our little high school group has come in six years... just imagine where we'll be in a few decades.

P.S.  Tomorrow night is my first day of school.  My Wednesday class? Design and Analysis in Education.  Sounds like a party huh?  You know, right after going to the dentist [next week] and what I'm sure will soon enough become the most traumatizing word in my vocabulary... a dissertation.