July 14, 2010

.Dessert Muse.

Alabama is hot during the summer, unbearably hot.  Sunday was 98 degrees and with the suffocating humidity the benefits of being inside greatly outweighed soaking the rays outside.  While G fished at the river I decided to try a new recipe seen on Everyday Musings for girls night later that evening.  These Chocolate Coconut Icecream Sandwiches caught my eye because I live for all things coconut and the recipe called for baking cookies from scratch which I had been itching to try for some time.  

I learned 2 things from this experience:
(1.) I stress out way too much trying to follow instructions perfectly and should trust my instincts once in awhile.  (2.) Next time, less cookie and much more icecream... the icecream sandwiches were as big as burgers!  Luckily G still seemed satisfied with his chocolate fix.

This looks normal... right?

1 comment:

BEGunnels said...

HAHA!You werent lying about how huge they were! I know what Im buying yall for christmas- More cookie sheets!