July 22, 2010

.The Ones I Miss.

You get to choose the people you like. Not the people you love.

.I Wrote This For You.

I'm leaving tonight for Seattle! I've never been to the Northwest so I couldn't be more excited.   I arrived at college in August of 2004 with a long-distance boyfriend, homesickness and a lot of skepticism.  I left in May of 2008 with a degree in Psychology, a fiance, incredible memories, newfound insight, and the best girlfriends that turned into bridesmaids.  Two years ago we all promised to see each other at least once a year since we all live across the country...pinky promised.    This year's trip is where two of my best friends live in Washington and it's going to be epic.  I haven't seen my friends since last year's trip but I know as soon as I walk off that plane, it'll be like we're back in college, all cramped in one bed laughing until tears are streaming down our faces and we become delirious from lack of sleep. 

And it will be perfect.


Anonymous said...

That kind of friendship should be treasured. I hope you have an amazing time and be safe.

Bardot in Blue said...

so cute :-) have the best time in seattle! I have always wanted to go there...

xoxo Bardot in Blue