July 4, 2010

.Peace, Love, and Icecream.

Somehow through the grace of God we made our 45 minute connection in Newark and arrived in Burlington, Vermont with our luggage and sanity intact. After a quick bite to eat and an hour and a half drive to the very small town of Chelsea, we were ready to present ourselves to the bride's family as soon-to-be in laws. 

G's dessert... and mine

It seriously made me want to gag.  He though, couldn't be more delighted.  What a fat kid at heart.

Chelsea was beautiful and quaint. We stayed in a cabin surrounded by acres of hay, horses, outhouses and other livestock... Dorothy we are not in Kansas anymore.
Our cabin

Windswept Acres

Chelsea's grocery store/liquor store hybrid

On our first full day in we toured Vermont and hit the highlights: the Ben & Jerry ice cream factory, downtown Montpelier, a cider mill, cemetery, and the cute town of Stowe. Ben & Jerry was a bit of a letdown since it was a holiday weekend and they weren't making ice cream (watching a video describing the process just isn't the same) but we did get to sample their latest flavor "Milk & Cookies". I had a toothache after and was nauseous the whole day from driving up, down and around those Vermont green mountains and hills but at least I got to see something new and it got us out of a cabin with no television, Internet, and barely a cell phone signal.

Boarding our connect flight from Cleveland, Ohio to Atlanta so pictures & more stories from this weekend to come! Happy Independence Day everyone, enjoy cookouts and fireworks. I'll be making my way home & reuniting with our pups. I have MISSED those three rugrats.

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