July 19, 2010

.Chocolate is for Lovers.

Make no assumptions, I am not a cook.  I never have time (or really I would rather do 125+ things before slaving over a stove) but this is the only summer I'll have off of school for the next three years.  Therefore I dubbed this summer "the summer of flavor" and vowed to try as many recipes as possible.  I saw this perfect recipe to make this weekend for my cookie monster on La Mia Vita.  It combines G's favorite delights: brownies and cookies.  It was late at night, so I just used a brownie mix and ready to bake chocolate chip cookies for a quick and rich treat.  Diabetic shock, here G comes.  Thank God I'm a salt person and a nibble is just enough.


Cassidy said...

OMG YUMM ! that looks like heaven . i'm a sweet person :D and i love to bake .

Nicole Marie said...

yay glad you loved them!