July 7, 2010

.Independent Celebration.

Because G, the in-laws and I were traveling back south all day from the wedding on the fourth, we had our own Independence Day celebration on July 5th with one of our favorite families. Ashley and I met freshman year of high school in gym (thank God that class was only required for one year) and became best friends. She left me midway through high school and transferred to our rival school, but in spite of her new environment (I kid), we stayed close. Senior year at her birthday she introduced me to my now husband and the rest is history! The years have flown by, life has happened, we were bridesmaids in each other's weddings and now baby Haidyn makes 5. The most exciting part? We have about another 50+ years to keep doing this.

.This image can make even the coldest heart melt.

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ashley said...

:) i love you so much!!! this made me cry! you are absolutely the BEST!!!!!