November 9, 2011

.Why I Blog.

My brother and I are two very different people.  We're wired differently, we have different strengths, we conceptualize things in a completely different manner.  We've had discussions several times before on social networking and the impact it has had on socialization as a whole.  Alex is very private, I tend to be more open.  Is one method of interaction better than the other?  Not necessarily.  It is who we are, and based on the circumstance, we may change in our style of connecting with others.  

 I blog because I try to move life along too quickly. I'm always moving from one to-do list item to another. I can't sit still doing one thing at a time.  I blog because sometimes I'm so busy planning what's to come, that I don't enjoy what's already here.  I blog because I have a terrible memory and sometimes have to get G to confirm whether a story is reality, or in fact created completely in my imagination.  I blog to keep my far away family and friends in touch with our lives.  I blog in order to reflect on daily happenings.  I blog to process situations.  I blog to document learning... progress... and hopefully, growth.  I blog to normalize emotions and experiences.  I blog because this is an important time in our lives; scrap booking is too expensive and time consuming for me.  I blog because I feel that I have something to say, something to contribute, something to share.  I blog to hold myself accountable to slow down, and appreciate the small things because many times they are as, if not more, beautiful than the big.  The small things are hidden and precious.

So while social networking is used for many intentions, I use this one as my platform to share part of ourselves, the part that experiences life and love (hence the blog name).  There are several reasons I chose to begin this blog, but the greatest reason was to use it as a tool of joining.  To join with my family, to join with my friends, to join with others who face similar circumstances, to join with people who are just genuinely curious.

Because joining is what it's really all about.  An isolated existence doesn't seem much worth it to me.

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sarah - dodeline design said...

Funny...I'm like you, while my husband is much more private and would never do something like write a blog and tweet every day. But it is a wonderful source of community and a way to document memories for me too. I love that I can make connections all over the world!