November 4, 2011

.G and D.

Every other Thursday G is off, so he spends the day with Dylan.  I think it's important that the two of them get some time every so often just to themselves without me getting in the way.  Granted, when I got home at the end of the day yesterday, baby girl's hair was unbrushed and she was wearing the exact same outfit from the day before and when I asked G what happened, he very matter-of-factly replied, "you didn't leave an outfit out for her."

So cute.  So grateful that this is what my days are full of.

The weekend is here at last. We plan to lay low after last weekend, but I was right on my theory... so we should be in for a whole new phase of fun.


The Greeff Family said...

The line "you didn't leave an outfit out for her" made me laugh. I can hear Jan saying the same thing!! Funny Dads. :)

sarah - dodeline design said...

Too funny, nothing wrong with a PJ day every once in awhile ;-)