October 24, 2011

.A Dull Girl.

This weekend, all work and no play made Jessica a very dull girl.  It's bound to happen at least a few times throughout a semester.  I did take a few breaks for a little date with G and church, but the rest of the weekend was spent in my yoga pants writing and researching in between of Dylan time.  G has been fighting a cold, so mix that with a demanding baby (I'm theorizing a teething baby will turn out to be a more accurate description) and it was tough staying on the grind.  It wasn't all bad though as we were able to slip in seeing a great movie, a little couch cuddling, work in the cool sunshine, and slobber kisses.  Dylan even woke us up early Saturday morning with a one-baby babbling concert... perfectly content... just wanting to sing the day in.  

I'll take some more of that any day.  

Enough with the sick husband though... I need my lovely partner in fine form to get through this week in preparation for our travels next weekend.  Here's to hoping that G isn't too terribly contagious...

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sarah - dodeline design said...

Sometimes life is dull. It makes the fun times even more memorable doesn't it? You'll survive! :-)