October 21, 2011


This week forced me to unplug for a bit.  It was a solid good productive week, but one in which there isn't enough energy or physical time to partake in hobbies, and relaxing quickly turned into passing out.  Between work, a baby appointment (shots again!), classes, dissertation meetings, supervision meetings, research meetings, presentation meetings... my head hurts.  It's a good thing though, the kind of busy where you feel exhilarated and purposeful.  Where you feel grateful to have a partner who can take care of things like the budget, 'what are we eating for dinner?' and, 'are there any bottles clean??' and 'can you run to the grocery store because there's no food and we can only survive off of coffee for so long?,' because at the end of the day there just isn't enough brain capacity/ adrenaline/ tolerance left to decide.

G asked me earlier in the week, "what are you going to do with yourself when you don't always have schoolwork to do?" Why, I am going to join a  book club, and read for fun because this book still isn't done after months, I'm going to do all the diy's I've pinned on pinterest, I'm going to catch up on months of unread magazines, I'm going to get a full night's sleep every night, I'm going to learn to sew, I'm going to spend more time outdoors, I'm going to watch old movies, I'm going to watch more sunsets, I'm going to stay curled up in bed longer, plan fun trips and events, I'm going to have long talks with friends and family, I'm going to read endlessly to Dylan, I'm going to try new recipes, be creative, shop, get an active hobby, and cuddle on the couch with G without just falling straight  to sleep. 

I'm motivated to get to this finish line (I see you 2013) and see what my career shapes into.  But boy, do I look forward to the days when I'll only have to be away from my family for forty hours of the week and be able to add a level of spontaneity to my days instead of having to have every single hour of my life planned out.

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