October 3, 2011


Recently... I read a refreshingly honest post about finding balance as a mother, wife, and individual.  Having/ have a little one?  My friend Morgan's site is chock-full of ideas. Dylan is nearly four months old and rolling over, but she just hasn't figured out how to roll back.  She also discovered her feet and can entertain herself with them for periods on end.  We finally moved her from her infant bassinet to sleeping in her pack n play.  I'm not ready to move her into her own room quite yet.  Work was challenging... but when is it not?  Having to hospitalize someone never gets easier though.  I'm so ready for this semester to be over with... I'll never have to take this many classes at once ever again.  I've thrown a few tantrums lately... wonder how long I can blame it on the hormones?  Also, strangers telling me what I'm doing wrong with my child are not appreciated... and please don't touch my baby, person-I-don't-know, or I may have to kindly redirect you. I can't believe I'm nearly half way through this program.  G has been so helpful, allowing me to focus on my assignments so I can be in bed at a decent hour.  I'm so loving the cool weather coming in;  96 degrees is too hot for October.  We started watching a (new to us) show.  I need a haircut, bad.  G and I are implementing a new budget and we're sort of excited about it.  Oh yea, and skype dates with friends and family are the best.

We're stuck together for now Monday, so let's make the best of it shall we?


Elizabeth said...

You are doing great, momma! Those pictures are absolutely precious!

PS/ I basically could have written this post - get out of my head! :)

sarah - dodeline design said...

You must feel like you're in such a whirlwind. I can only imagine. It's so refreshing to read your honesty and I am beginning to be able to imagine myself there...let's get married first though :-)

Anna said...

Oooh, she is too cute. Her smile! You seem like the perfect mama, keep up the awesome work :)