October 28, 2011

.Small Town Living.

There's something to be said about living in a small town, especially a southern small town, and experiencing some of the best stereotypes.  Living a slow, but purposeful pace.  Having people open the door for you.  Doing the 'smile, nod, and greet' to strangers as they pass.  Complaining about the 20 minute 'traffic' you had to encounter on the way home from work.  Seeing old school mates while running errands.  College football season being one of the great highlights of fall.  Gentlemen.  Bonfires.  The quiet comforts of the well-known.  Seeing your friend's parents at church on Sunday.  Living less than a mile from several of your closest friends.  Having a connection to someone new by finding, "oh, you graduated from there too? or "yes, I used to work/go to church/ school/ babysit so-and-so."  Passing by horses, cows, and acres of land on a daily basis.  Having the same neighbors for years who watch you from the first day of marriage to the day you brought your first baby home. 

Yes, we might not have skyscrapers, or get to ride bikes everywhere we go, or walk to the closest chic coffee shop, or tons of artists play at our stadium, or famous tourist spots, or a measly Forever 21/ H&M/ Zara in sight, and sometimes 'small' town means running into people you would have rather not... but we do have history, and we have familiar faces, and decade-old stories, and we have generations of family all within five miles, and it's a simple, but satisfying existence.  But it is exciting when you do get to escape for a bit, because the change of the bustle and noise is invigorating and just makes you feel different; it's interesting how a trip out of town always seems to come right when the craving for fresh, new air is at its highest.

Wishing everyone a rosy weekend.

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sarah - dodeline design said...

I hear you. Charleston isn't a small town anymore, but it is for those of us who grew up here...I know so many people and people know my parent's and my husband's parents. And it's neat to share it with people who come to visit...just this morning grabbing coffee I met a woman from Chicago who wanted to know where to get breakfast. It's so nice to love the place you live ;-)