October 31, 2011

.Fall Weekend.

This weekend we went to Nashville for me to attend a conference; it was my first time presenting, so it was nerve-racking, but also empowering and assuring of what I am doing.  I brought the whole family and we enjoyed our short time there experiencing the sudden chill that fall brought in.  Dylan got to meet extended family and my professors, and she quickly won them all over with her dimple-filled smile and sweet personality.  She was so flexible and easygoing during this trip, leading me to believe that she inherited her parents' love of travel.  We intended to take lots of pictures, but I'm finding with the many things we need for baby everywhere we go, the camera just gets forgotten in the mix.  Thankfully with instagram, we still don't have to miss a beat.

Today is Halloween!  Off to get in my (work-appropriate) costume and can't wait to share pictures of Dylan dressed up too.

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sarah - dodeline design said...

Oh man, I bet you are going to have the best time dressing Dylan up! Can't wait to see pics!