April 15, 2011

.What A Winning Week.

This week has brought several smiles to my face. 

We got to start it off right this weekend with a dinner and coffee date night and trips to the river.  River season always consists of sun-kissed skin, fishing, food from the grill and getting to actually read for fun.  I became completely entranced by this book series and devoted all my spare time (and even some of my precious time) to finishing it. With school there is little time I can read for fun so I don't take the escape for granted.  Speaking of education, I also found out this week that my and Virginia's manuscript on technology's influence on grief counseling has been accepted for presentation at a conference!  This is a great start to building our professional reputations.  I experienced a thoughtful gesture thanks to my coworker Sara who not only got me the cup I've been searching for, but even had it personalized; I've been determined to keep hydrated to avoid the dreaded pregnancy puffiness and cankles!  I won my first giveaway and will soon have a new beautiful piece of art for our home {thanks Nicole and Sarah!}. We've nearly finished putting the nursery together (reveal post coming soon).  We're having a baby shower on Sunday thrown by dear friends.  Schoolwork is slowly coming to an end and freedom is close enough to taste.  

Here's to additional smiles, appreciating blessings, and spreading this week's happinesses and delights.


Anna said...

Congrats to you and Virginia! So excited for yall, please give me details!!!

Anna said...

Gorgeous photo of you by the lake!! Glowing! xoxo

Aron said...

Makes me what to go fishing! Or at least hang out on the lake!

My wife is pregnant too--due in July! :)