April 21, 2011

.Celebración Para El Bebé.

Talk about surreal, our final baby shower which only furthers the fact that we're in the homestretch.  This whole process G and I couldn't ask for more thoughtfulness from those around us, family and friends.  I've been reflecting alot lately on parenting and expectations I have of us as parents.  Buying things we think we need for baby is much less overwhelming, but the gentle mixture of anxiety, excitement, and irrationality can't always be tamed.  So I revel in the times of celebration and the giddy anticipation of what's to come.  Because seriously, who could help but smile when looking at the adorable block cake that Mary made, or precious swaddle blankets and diapers, or G and I looking at each other cluelessly when asked a "parenting" question, or my sweetheart holding a tiny outfit our first child will soon wear?

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