April 25, 2011

.Chill Weekend.

I didn't leave the house much this weekend.  Finals week will do that to your free time, but I'm ready to kiss my first year of doctoral school good-bye.  I did take a few study breaks, first to have an afternoon matinee date with the girls to watch Water for Elephants and enjoy a quick dessert at Chill, and second to attend church with G for Easter Sunday.  Next Wednesday, at the start of my temporary period of educational freedom, I will be indulging in a gifted and very appreciated pregnancy massage.  That's what is currently keeping me going, because it sure isn't the pursuit of additional knowledge at this point; that ended with spring fever

A sporadic collection of pictures from the chill weekend...
1. The best dessert ever with the least amount of guilt
2. Working on baby's nursery as she grows by the second
3. Attempting our last Easter family picture with 3 pups and no baby proved impossible, but I love it anyway


Maggy said...

you look so gorgeous! I love that purple flowered shirt, looks comfy too :)

Bridget said...

you look so fabulous! congratulations! thanks for visiting my blog-- and glad that someone else gets the fear too!

Kelly said...

Frozen yogurt - yum!