April 3, 2011

.Best Friend Birthday.

Although you've been swept away to Hawaii, I like to remember things about our time together.  I remember when you copied my Psych notes.  I remember when you didn't remember who I was the next time we met.  I remember adventures in living together.  I remember crazy ladies at Blockbuster that attacked our car.  I remember when we camped out in front of the Admin Building to be able to go to England and Scotland and both got sick because it decided to snow that night.  I remember dressing up, alot with you.  I remember all that was Sigma.  I remember how distracted we could get from homework because we would laugh for hours on our bed over nothing.  I remember Rob & Big (may those fish rest in peace).  I remember inductions.  I remember our private book clubs.  I remember our 18 days in Europe.  I remember when you didn't know how to curl your hair.  I remember when you were a bridesmaid in my wedding.  Mostly I remember what a phenomenal best friend you've been for the last several years... even when you're 5,504 miles away {you know I googled it}.

Happy 25th birthday my dear friend.

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sarah - dodeline design said...

What a sweet post! Happy happy birthday!