July 29, 2011

.A Moment.

Last night, G and baby girl fell asleep together on the couch while I was making dinner.  When I looked over and caught a glimpse of this moment, all I could do was smile and snap a quick shot.  It was evident that neither were waking up soon, so I took the time to quietly eat dinner, finally read the latest InStyle magazine, take a relaxing, uninterrupted hot shower, catch up on emails, watch the season premiere of Project Runway, and start my latest novel.  By then, hours had passed and as I sat down to escape in my book, I couldn't help but look up from what I was doing over and over to look at my little family still cuddled up. 

It was captivating; I just wanted to take a thousand pictures of the moment so I would never forget it.  These first six weeks as a family have been indescribable... many moments have taken my breath away... but this was something different.  I've been fighting to stay in the here-and-now in order to really take advantage of this time, bonding with my daughter and watching Dylan rapidly grow and slowly discover the world around her.  For this moment though, I allowed myself to envision the future of Dylan and her dad in years to come... our family curled up on the couch after a family dinner following a long day, surrounded by our pups... and it was overwhelming and good.  So I watched them for a little bit longer because letting the moment happen in front of you and absorbing it whole-heartedly is the best way to preserve it.  I hope this never gets old.

I also hope you get to experience a few of these good moments this weekend.  I am looking forward to celebrating our third wedding anniversary a little early myself!


sarah - dodeline design said...

This is the sweetest post ever. Glad you had some unexpected "you" time :-)

MARINA said...

Enjoy this kind of special time for yourself and unexpected shot of them sleeping together. It is so tender and loving time of father and daughter! God bless all of you.