July 15, 2011

.Blog Birthday.

I've been so caught up in life that I didn't even realize that my blog birthday had passed me by. It's now been one year that I've been able to document and share our life with you readers, and what a year it's been.  I've enjoyed every minute of blogging and the process has been therapeutic for me, as well as a way to hold me accountable to slow down, learn, and enjoy the little things about life, when all I want to do is stress and try to control the big things.  I've met sweet and fascinating people through the blogging community and I think others in my life have gotten to know me better through my writing.

Thank you for being interested in my little corner of the internet and I look forward to seeing where we'll be next year!


sarah - dodeline design said...

happy happy birthday!

Bree said...

Woohoo happy blog birthday! I'm always shocked by how long I've been blogging and how fast it's gone by!