July 12, 2011

.Bread & cheese, European soda, and Fruit.

When we want to break up the mundane, and add a little spark to a relaxing weekend evening in, a trip to the Fresh Market usually does the trick.  Something as simple as a loaf of focaccia bread, cheese, seasoned meats, and some European soda can make it feel like an occasion.  It's funny how a little variety on our plates easily leads to refreshing dinner talk as well.  Add curling up on the couch to watch a movie, surrounded by pups and a napping baby, and we had a bona fide family date night (at times referred to as a Friday Film & Food Adventure).  These nights, as uncomplicated as they are, are what I know I will one day look back on fondly... and wish I could have frozen time.

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Stevie Leigh said...

I love those simple nights :) You have a beautiful child!