July 13, 2011

.Dear Dylan.

 Dear Dylan,

The past few weeks have flown by in a blur of feedings, naps, playing, diaper changes, and kisses.  I keep trying to remind myself to take the attention and time to cherish these precious moments.  Right now I've learned some things about you, my sweet girl... you hate being cold, especially during bath time and diaper changes.  You love being in mama's arms, and when it's time to go to bed, you like your head laying near my chest; I think my heartbeat comforts you.  You love sleeping in mama and daddy's bed best, and many times you catch mama placing you back in your bassinet and it makes you cry.  You dream alot and your expressions say that some dreams are good, and some are bad.  What are you dreaming of baby girl?  You love being swaddled and you hate hate hate being burped in any position... you're already such a little lady.  You can already roll to your side, which I'm pretty sure isn't supposed to happen yet and you love to curl your hands around my fingers... you're touchy lovey just like your mama and daddy.  You're trying to figure out your hands and sometimes you succeed in things like holding your pacifier to your mouth (which is your most favorite thing in the world), and sometimes you're not so successful and bop yourself right in the face, which you don't find as entertaining as your mama does.  I love you more than anything beautiful girl.

Love you always,
your mama


Anna said...

She is so adorable!! And that is super impressive that she can roll to her side already! I have a nephew that is 6 months old and is just starting to do that NOW!

sarah - dodeline design said...

This is going to be such a wonderful thing for you to share with her one day :-)

Tucker said...

Your family - now a party of three are just glowing with love. i love these notes, keep 'em coming (: