July 19, 2011

.First Thirty Days.

Well, Dylan has been in our lives for over a month now.  I've learned a few things since we've brought her home that have helped in adjusting our lives for this sweet addition...

1. Baby naps do not equal mama naps. Baby naps equal time for mama to do everything that requires two hands or longer than 5 minutes of attention

2. A daily shower and applying a touch of makeup makes all the difference in mama's attitude

3. I will feel stupid, silly, confused, or incompetent in parenting the majority of the time

4. I need to roll with the punches or I won't make it out alive

5. Always have the new, clean diaper on immediately after I remove the dirty

6. Huggies diapers will leak a mess everywhere, but Pampers is sturdy for baby girl's bottom

7. Embrace the ballerina bun... during this survival period, it's just the easiest way to stay presentable and fresh

8. Husband needs some alone time with baby girl too... for bonding and learning and all that... he'll let me know if he needs help

9. My body is still not my own... but it is doing amazing things right now for baby

10. Pumping/ nursing is way more complicated than I thought and exhausting

11. I still need to stay off of forums.  If I have questions, ask other mothers or call the pediatrician if necessary

12. Don't forget to eat, take my vitamins, drink water, etc. (this is very easy to forget)

13. Find a gracious way to accept advice on parenting

14. Don't take it personally when people offer parenting advice

15. I'm a perfectionist.  That being said, I will never be the perfect mom

16. Take time just to be with Dylan.  It doesn't always have to be productive, although I feel guilty for getting to stay at home with her during maternity leave while G has to work

17. It's okay that I can't answer every phone call, text, email or message.  People will understand.

18. I will check on baby girl 10x's a night, although she only wakes up about once or twice to make sure she's still breathing. I also know that's irrational but it makes me feel better.

19. When I figure out what each of Dylan's cries means, it makes her breakdowns much more manageable

20. She will not die if I let her cry for more than five seconds

21. I will experience cabin fever during maternity leave so it's good to keep myself busy

22. I will discover the most random, yet effective ways to console baby girl when she's upset

23. I will get down about the changes my body has taken for baby girl, but she is worth sacrificing my vanity

24. If I don't burp baby properly, I will regret it

25. In between the hundred of kisses I give bebe, remember to throw a few dozen husband's way as well

26. Fellow mom friends are priceless in normalizing my emotions/ fears/ experiences

27.  G and I are still partners and on the same team... always

28. Leaving the house alone with baby girl will take me 5541x longer than it ever did when I was alone.  Practice and forward planning can only help better my time.

29. People are more considerate to pregnant ladies in public than mothers with strollers

30. Automated doors are a blessing when mama is alone with said stroller

31. I will marvel at baby girl at all times and can't believe we've been so blessed with her as our daughter.  The amount of adoration and dedication I have for our little girl is already limitless in this short time.  She makes it easy to be patient as she acclimates to life with us.


BEGunnels said...

You are a GREAT mom!! Dylan is in very capable hands with you (and Garrett!!

sarah - dodeline design said...

What a great post! That was a great point about the consideration for pregnant women over moms with strollers - I bet that's totally true! I'm going to be more aware of that now...

Nicole Marie said...

i can't imagine all the things you've learned in this short month! you're a great mommy!