July 1, 2011

.Always a Good Idea.

Paris is always a good idea.
.Audrey Hepburn.

For one of our Sunday dates, G and I caught Midnight in Paris.  I of course, left completely dazzled by the portrayal of the time, the scenes of Paris, and especially the fashion.  Details I found darling were skinny belts accessorizing simple silhouettes, espadrilles, tousled curls, airy tunics paired with skinny jeans, classic necklines, delicate accessories, mixing neutrals, coin purses used as clutches, and evening walks on cobblestone streets.  Between this and reading this, I think I just might be ready to bring a little European flair to this sleepy southern town. 

Have a wonderful holiday weekend!  Dylan has her newborn shoot and after taking literally hundreds of pictures of her already, I'm sure she'll be a natural.

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diana kang said...

i want to watch this so bad!! xx